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Brandon Monk

Valley Conservative Born and Raised

Brandon is an effective leader with experience in local government, civic organizations, and private business. He understands the valley and wants to put rural conservative values in charge in Richmond. It is time to get rid of big-city, big-government authoritarians and return freedoms and power to Virginians, where they belong.

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Latest News

Frederick County School Board Chair Brandon Monk enters race for state Senate seat

October 18, 2022

Frederick County School Board Chairman Brandon Monk has announced he is running for state Senate District 1 in November 2023.

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Letter to the editor: Frederick County School Board chairman: Fight ‘woke notion’ that founding fathers ‘must be canceled’

September 19, 2022

In August the State Board of Education punted consideration of its proposal to revise the History and Social Science Standards of Learning assessments to its September meeting this week.

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